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Bionicle: Mask Of Light

Bionicle: Mask Of Light >>>

Parents need to know that Bionicle: Mask of Light: The Movie is a 2003 computer-animated fantasy movie that is, essentially, one feature-length commercial for the Bionicle line of toys put out by LEGO. For fans of the toys this movie might be enjoyable, but for those who have no interest in them, this movie will prove difficult to follow, and filled with cliched fantasy writing where characters frequently say things like "fulfill your destiny" and "walk in the light." There is frequent fantasy-style violence, as characters do battle with swords and fire, and the demonic appearances and voices of the antagonists could be scary for younger viewers.

Two Matorans living on the island of Mata Nui -- a "Herald" (Jason Michas) and a "Chronicler" (Andrew Francis) -- find a mask of light. This mask seems to prophesize the arrival of a seventh Toa, joining the six Toa who already protect the island from evil. Meanwhile, Makuta -- an evil spirit -- seeks to possess the mask and sends hordes of mechanized warriors to invade Mata Nui. It's up to the Herald and the Chronicler, with the help of the six Toa, to protect both the island and the mask from Makuta's evil machinations.

It's difficult keeping track of who's who, why they're doing what they're doing, and what's at stake for these characters. The confusion is enhanced by the cliched fantasy writing -- characters are frequently saying trite phrases like "fulfill your destiny" and "walk in the light." Arcane phrases are pointlessly thrown out into the dialogue, but the ultimate result merely enhances the confusion for those who aren't especially interested in these toys.

Bionicle: Mask of Light is a 2003 movie and the first of four direct-to-video Bionicle films based on the Lego toy series. The movies revolve around an island called Mata Nui. The spirit protecting the island, put into a deep sleep, has returned and only the Mask of Light, in the hands of two Matoran who are assisted by six heroes, can return it to the Toa of Light and return his mask before it is too late.

The story then shifts to the fortress village of Ta-Koro, located in a lake of lava, as a Ta-Matoran named Jaller is looking for his Kolhii (a lacrosse-like game) teammate, Takua. He soon finds him inspecting a warning totem next to a lava flow. Just before they leave, Takua picks up the totem, unwittingly setting off a booby trap, and dropping the artifact into the lava, revealing a Kanohi mask that was embedded in the totem. At that moment, a wave of lava begins to rush through the chamber at Takua, who throws the mask to Jaller and tries to use a lavaboard to cross the lava. Just as he is about to be killed, he is saved by Tahu, the Toa of Fire. Takua and Jaller then rush to the Kolhii field, and Jaller puts the mask in his pack.

Deep beneath Mata Nui, Makuta is fully aware of what is happening above. Speaking to a large statue of a Kanohi Hau, which he refers to as his brother, Mata Nui, he decides to release three of his spawns of shadow, the Rahkshi, to find and destroy the Herald. On the surface, Gali is meditating at Kini-Nui, the Great Temple, when the Rahkshi burst from the center of the temple and attack her. She narrowly escapes by hiding in the river. Realizing the Rahkshi are headed for Ta-Koro, she hurries there to warn the villagers. The Rahkshi burst through the walls of Ta-Koro, using their powers of fragmentation (Panrahk), disintegration (Guurahk), and poison (Lerahk) to eventually destroy the village. Fortunately, all the Matoran escape unharmed. In the fight, Tahu's mask is accidentally damaged by Gali when she tried to get Lerahk off of him, leaving a sickly green scratch. However, he is more concerned about his village's destruction after he and Gali abandoned the place by lavasurfing.

The Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light was the grand prize in the Cartoon Network's Toonami Sweepstakes in October 2003. An 11-year-old Santa Rosa boy, Chase Koches, won the mask, along with a number of other p


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