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Games.7z [2021]

bbgames.7z is an archive containing data obtained in the Zammis Clark Breach. It was leaked to /ppg/ on July 25, 2020, the day after another leak had just happened. This leak was major, containing complete and partial source code for many Nintendo 64 games and Game Boy Advance games, including Super Mario 64. This archive contains a dump of the "bbgames" tree from RouteFree's servers, which contained source code for some of the games iQue was given for Chinese localization. The data was downloaded by Zammis Clark from a part of Nintendo's fileservers containing an archive of all of RouteFree's development trees, such as BB and NG which were leaked as part of unsorted.7z.


One of the most notable features of bbgames.7z was its inclusion of partial source code for Super Mario 64, including data for the cut Luigi character, leading to widespread hype and awareness of the leak. More generally, bbgames includes data related to the N64 -> iQue Player porting process as well as BroadOn's internal company operations in the mid-2000s. 041b061a72


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