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Political Theory By Rajeev Bhargava Pdf

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Political Theory By Rajeev Bhargava Pdf

Rajeev Bhargava (born 27 November 1954) is a noted Indian political theorist, who was professor of political theory at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.[1] His works on political theory, multiculturalism, identity politics and secularism have evoked sharp debates.[2][3]

To better understand the changing pattern of political theory from ancient times to the present, we need to know the types of political theory. Because the types of political theory basically mean what it meant at different times.

In explanatory theory he meant that different political theories of society have been interpreted by different political theorists according to their point of view and every theorist has found their theory acceptable.

To him, the normative political theorist must begin with assumptions that most people can endorse. In simple, this theory focuses on all the things by which a system goes from imperfect to perfect. (This theory have discussed in details in next section.)

For her, political theory, as with many others, was still the same as that of the continuing classical thinkers; deeply contemplative investigations for the general condition of mankind over a very long period of time or at a certain stage of their altered existence.

According to normative political theory, no boundary has been drawn between political theory and political philosophy. Plato views political philosophy as a means of gaining political knowledge. The presentation of values was the key to political discussion in traditional political theory.

Empirical theory has emerged in the 20th century. That is why this theory is called modern. The empirical theory relies primarily on data. This theory is based on observation and examination of the data. The main purpose of empirical political theory is to make political reality dependent on information.

This theory has invented many concepts in social sciences like elite, group theory and their role in political system, political system and subsystem, structural functional analysis, decision making approach, political culture, political socialization and so on.

If the task of political theory is, as it had been, to make us understand the political phenomenon, then it becomes necessary that it should confine itself to the explanation, investigation, and ultimate comprehension of what relates to politics- concepts, principles, and institutions. This is what contemporary political theory is doing. 153554b96e


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