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No Skateboarding


Dela Charles LampacherBerlin-based photographer Dela Charles Lampacher was bored of studying, so she went on a trip around Europe, Australia, and the US. Her travels turned into a photo project, which turned into a book about skateboarding, architecture, and urbanism. A photobook by a female skateboard photographer is still a rarity these days, and in this one, Lampacher combines her view on architecture and urban structures with her experience as a skateboarder, through a series of images collected during the journey over the course of around 548 days. It comes with a poster of one photo which lists the cities featured, from Amsterdam to Vancouver.

Most skateboarding offenses are infractions, governed by city municipal codes and punishable by a citation or ticket. These offenses are minor. But other skateboard related offenses can include destruction of private or governmental property and may constitute a misdemeanor or felony offense. These offenses are serious.

The equation is a simple one: Show a police officer respect, then skate another day. Disrespect a cop, potentially go to jail. Any skateboarder who has tested the theorem knows the results. As the police arrive, pick up your skateboard. Do not keep skateboarding. Do not run off, unless you want to be chased, beaten or charged with disorderly conduct or the obstruction of justice. Do not hold onto your skateboard when you talk to the police. Sit on your board, just do not give the police the idea that your skateboard is a weapon. Speak up, be clear, be responsive and do not ever act like the idiot that they believe you to be. It is common sense.

The primary offenses of which skateboarders must be aware are 1) trespassing 2) the destruction of private or governmental property 3) municipal code violations that prohibit the act of skateboarding specifically. Of those offenses, the one carrying the most severe penalty would most likely be the destruction of state or federal government property. This offense is a felony and generally, would carry a jail sentence of not less than one year.

Destruction of private or governmental property statutes are written similarly, state by state. The greater the value of the property damaged, the more severe the penalty. Also, the type of property or owner may increase the penalty. School or church property may carry a more severe penalty depending on the state in which you are skateboarding.

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Despite being a sport born out of a community of outcasts, skateboarding is still plagued by a culture of otherness and exclusion. Thirty years after the explosion of skateboarding, women and other marginalized communities are still fighting for their space in this male-dominated community.

And for skaters like Smith, seeing skateboarders like Breanna Geering on the cover of Thrasher and watching other women stake their claim in skateboarding solidifies her passion and outlook on the future of the sport.

Elsarrag said she often feels uncomfortable and unwelcomed from what she perceives as degrading stares that she receives from male skateboarders. Both of them have had negative experiences at skate shops as well. They no longer go to the shops in the city, reverting to online shopping for their skateboarding needs.

Look through your local, municipal, state/provincial, or federal laws, and you will not (likely) find skateboarding listed as an illegal, or criminal activity, as you would find theft, murder, or drugs, for example. Crimes are listed with their respective definitions, and consequences for committing the crime. Skateboarding itself is not listed as a crime in any law book.

We have determined that skateboarding itself is not illegal, nor a crime, but why are skaters still getting in trouble for skateboarding? Why are we getting chased out of spots, having run-ins with police, and being confronted by pedestrians and property owners?

You should be able to work on flat ground tricks on the street in front of your house, right?! Maybe. It depends on what the bylaws are in your city or town, and every city/town has its own set of bylaws that pertain to skateboarding. 350c69d7ab


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