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Digital Juice Fonts Collection 1

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Digital Juice Fonts Collection 1

With the 30 animations in this collection you can draw just the right amount of attention to additional information in your videos without overpowering your main content. You can use the templates as is with your own text and the provided font or you can customize fonts and colors to suit your needs. Plus, entry and exit motion animations are included to bring the lower thirds animations on- and off-screen with style.

Physicochemical analyses were carried out on the samples andconsisted of the following variables: pH value, determined by digitalPHmeter, Digimed brand, model D.M.--20; total soluble solids (O'Brix),analyzed by Baush & Lomb Optical Company refractometer, model ABBE-3L;total acidity (g of citric acid/100ml of juice), determined by titration with0.1 N of sodium hydroxide solution and phenolphthalein as indicator. (13,14) 1e1e36bf2d


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