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Affresco Italiano B1: A Complete Course for Learning Italian Language and Culture

Affresco Italiano B1: A Complete Course for Learning Italian Language and Culture

Affresco Italiano B1 is a textbook for intermediate-level students of Italian as a foreign language. It is part of a series of six levels that cover the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from A1 to C2. Affresco Italiano B1 consists of a student's book, an audio CD, a workbook and a teacher's guide. The course aims to develop the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as to enrich the students' cultural knowledge of Italy.

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The student's book is divided into 10 units, each focusing on a theme related to Italian society, culture, history and art. The units are structured into eight sections: Cominciamo (Let's begin), Osserviamo bene (Look carefully), Facciamo pratica (Let's practice), Lessico (Vocabulary), Scrittura e pronuncia (Writing and pronunciation), Grammatica (Grammar), Verifica (Quick test) and Viaggiamo in Italia (Let's go to Italy). The sections offer a variety of texts, dialogues, exercises, charts, visual dictionaries, phonetic and orthographic rules, grammar summaries and cultural tips. The audio CD contains the recordings of the listening activities and the dialogues. The workbook provides additional exercises for revision and consolidation of the lexical, grammatical and communicative topics covered in the units. The teacher's guide contains descriptions of the activities, solutions, transcripts of the dialogues and many didactic suggestions.

Affresco Italiano B1 is a comprehensive and effective course that helps students to improve their linguistic competence and to discover the beauty and diversity of Italy. It is suitable for younger students and adults who study Italian in Italy or abroad. It can be used in classroom settings or for self-study purposes.One of the main attractions of Affresco Italiano B1 is the section Viaggiamo in Italia, which invites the students to explore the artistic and cultural treasures of Italy. Each unit presents a different region or city, highlighting its historical, geographical and artistic features. The students can learn about the monuments, museums, landscapes, traditions and festivals that make Italy a unique and fascinating country.

Some of the places that the students can visit through Affresco Italiano B1 are: Venice, with its canals, bridges and palaces; Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and the home of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Dante; Rome, the eternal city and the capital of Italy, where ancient ruins coexist with modern buildings; Naples, a vibrant and colorful city famous for its pizza, music and folklore; Sicily, an island rich in history, culture and natural beauty; and many more.

By travelling in Italy with Affresco Italiano B1, the students can not only improve their language skills but also broaden their horizons and appreciate the diversity and beauty of Italian culture and art. e0e6b7cb5c


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