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Gnuplot is a popular portable free graphing software program for download. It is widely used on many platforms, including MS Windows, Linux, Unix, and OSX. It also retains support for older systems such as VMS, Ultrix, OS/2, and MS-DOS. The source code is copyrighted but freely distributed.

Winplot includes a powerful set of user-friendly tools including the ability to: write commands to plot files in comma-delimited, CSV, or line-delimited; view plots in any of the following: Postscript, PDF, and PDF-X; export plots to PDF print to PDF or file; edit existing plots to generate new ones; export plots to a variety of file formats. set graphs and plot parameters; set a variety of graphical parameters plot on-screen using a variety of interfaces; use the more powerful 2D, 3D, and contour plots; stretch or shrink plots filter data use a variety of color schemes and input; use menus and toolbars Winplot is a free program. d2c66b5586


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