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Trilead Vm Explorer 4.1 License Key __LINK__

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Trilead Vm Explorer 4.1 License Key __LINK__

VMware ESXi allows to backup virtual machines in a very flexible way. There are a lot of options at the ESXi level and a very good documentation. You can backup VMs in an automatic way, or using VMware tools USB or

for a manual backup, you will be able to use the VM backup and recovery console. It's a GUI application (more intuitive but you have to install it locally), or you can use the hypervisor-specific backup command line tool.

Trilead has offered these licenses since ESXi version 3.0. The key actually unlocks an additional VM hosting feature for free where you can host and manage virtual machines on your ESXi server. It's an ESX clustering feature and the virtual machines can be submitted locally (i.e: running inside ESXi and no need for any other vSphere (free) license) or in an external vSphere all-in-one (AIO) setup. This hosting is released in the full version of the Trilead VM Explorer. It's free for vSphere version 4.1 and 4.2. New version from 2008 will be free for vSphere version 5.1 and 5.2 while older versions will be upgraded to version 5.1/5.2.

The requirements for a free version of Trilead VM Explorer are that you have ESXi version 4.1 or higher, and VMware Fusion 2.0 or higher. The free version only supports virtual machine backup (i.e: not physical machines). The only limitation is that you can only backup a maximum of 3 virtual machines.

If you have any doubt about this licence, if you can backup virtual machines easily, if you want to host virtual machines then this licence is good for you. You can find the full documentations about licence here:

If you have paid for at least VMware Essentials Plus (about $800), you will be able to use the incremental backup feature. By using the VDDK for physical hosts and the VMware Essentials Kit for virtual hosts, you will be able to reach the same results of a paid version. d2c66b5586


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