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[S3E3] Prey

Baron Emerson uses his vast wealth to travel the world and hunt. He does not hunt animals, he hunts warriors. The Baron arrives at the American frontier and is looking for his next prey. An outlaw gunslinger named Chamberlin who is in jail and set to be hanged. The Baron arranges for Chamberlin to be freed so that he can hunt him like and animal in a bloody game of life and death in the wild west.

[S3E3] Prey

There are three stories being told in "The Law of Non-Contradiction," the third and best episode of Fargo's third season thus far. The first occurs in the past, where promising, award-winning author Thaddeus Mobley (Thomas Mann) is lured into a scam by an eloquent conman and his sultry female accomplice. The conman, Howard Zimmerman (Fred Melamed), takes his prey in with a great hook: I want to turn your book into a movie. Add cocaine, the physical love and wrongly assumed emotional caring of a beautiful actress named Vivian (Francesca Eastwood), and ambition enough to sink his own funds into the feigned production and you have the recipe for a classical Hollywood downfall, if not one that ends exactly how you might expect. 041b061a72


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