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Drakan Order Of The Flame

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Drakan Order Of The Flame

The Order of the Flame was an ancient order whose origin pre-dates recorded history and is known only in legend. The order was led by an alliance of great knights and dragons who sought to bring peace and justice to the world of Drakan.

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Some regional versions of the game have blood disabled in the game. Use the following steps to set a new violence level. Use a text editor to edit the "drakan.cfg" file in the game directory. Look for the "set violence" line under the "//Settings" heading. Type 1, 2, or 3 after the "set violence" command to activate one of the following violence settings:

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Combat is never the nuisance it could have been thanks to a subtle engine that allows leniency both for players like me who rely more on brute force and the more skilled player who enjoys using special combo moves. Rynn has at her disposal the usual itinerary of medieval/fantasy weapons--scimitar, greatsword, battle axe and rune sword--and enough armor and health potions to progress smoothly through the levels. Your weapons will take damage. A blinking icon alerts you to your weapons' limited endurance and provides you with the opportunity to switch weapons before their power diminishes. I will admit I used a "god" code so I could concentrate more on playing the game without fear of dying and rebooting every 15 minutes. For an impatient and easily frustrated adventure gamer like myself, this was fine and did not detract from my enjoyment of the game one iota. The area in which the combat really shines though are the aerial battles. Air-to-air dragon combat is frustrating at first, but once you have the lay of the keyboard down you will find yourself circle-strafing and breathing flame at your opponents with the greatest of ease. In fact, I think the biggest thrill I had in the game was spotting a group of monsters attempting to flee through a hidden valley passage and quickly and effortlessly sweeping over their surprised heads while launching a steady stream of flame. 59ce067264


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