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[S3E3] U Got The Look

Later that day, Manny and Emma are at the mall, and they are talking about J.T.'s new crush on Manny. Manny says she might like him, and that he's cuter than last year... but he's still the same ol' J.T. Manny says she still doesn't think her look is "Sexy" enough, and that she needs something... something like a Thong! Manny and Emma come across a botique with Lingerie, and Manny decides she's going to wear a thong, asking Emma what she thinks, Emma jokes about how the mall shouldn't sell leather thongs with spikes!

[S3E3] U Got the Look

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Later, J.T. is staring at Manny, and Emma tells her that the new look is working. Liberty overhears them talking about someone liking J.T. and finds out it's Manny, she is somewhat uncomfortable with this also. J.T. than gets up and comes over to Manny and Emma and Liberty. Emma than pulls Liberty away so Manny can talk. J.T. J.T. and Manny start talking about Platypus's, just when Sully comes over and Manny gets love-struck and distracted. Sully tells her he might come to the event, and Manny can't even remember what her and J.T. were talking about.

Later, when Manny and Sully are at The Dot, she sees Emma and J.T. passing by, J.T. looks at her with a broken-heart. Emma looks at her as if she's someone totally different. Manny looks at them both apologetically.

Craig is no longer grounded and rejoins his band (Downtown Sasquatch) with Marco, Jimmy, and Spinner. Joey becomes too involved with the band, which does not settle well with the rest of the guys. As the band is rehearsing, Joey pops in with Sydney and "takes over" by playing on the keyboard with the band. Another day passes and Joey is recording them as they rehearse, which annoys Craig. Joey then leaves the garage to answer a call, and the guys then make fun of Joey on camera. Later on, Joey looks at the footage he captured with the camera, and sees the guys mocking him. Craig, who is nearby witnessing this, walks away. The next day, Joey talks to Craig about how he was only acting this way because he misses the old days. Joey then offers Craig the garage for band practice, instead of moving to Marco's basement because of its better acoustics, and tells Craig that the keyboard is "back in the box". Craig then thanks him and the two make up.

At the mall Manny is gushing to Emma that she thinks that JT is cute and is definitely better looking than last year. She goes on to say that it means that her new look is working. But then she spots a couple of thongs on display and she decides that her sluttiness needs that extra push over the cliff, and she decides to go to 11.

And yup, the next day she has the lowest of low cut jeans on and a thong that is completely showing off her ass to everyone. I gotta say, does Degrassi have no dress code? Because there is no way that Manny would have gotten away with that look at my high school. I remember girls would get in trouble if they wore spaghetti strap shirts.

Meanwhile, when Sam's luck changed, a series of coincidences helped Kubrick and Creedy track Sam down. The picture of the boys winning free food for a year was posted on the restaurant's website, and Creedy just happened to look at their online menu. They capture him, but just as Kubrick prepares to shoot him they are foiled by Dean.

At the horrific sight Hank suffers a panic attack and stumbles back to the SUV to recover. Meanwhile, the other agents taunt and laugh at him, and Vanco says "You look like you've never seen a severed human head on a tortoise before!" One agent then pulls the severed head off the turtle by yanking onto its hair, triggering a hidden explosive device in the skull. The detonation kills one agent and wounds three others, including Vanco. Hank was at a safe distance and survived, and was eventually transferred back to Albuquerque following the incident. ("Negro y Azul")

In a flashback following the meeting with the DEA, Tortuga was shown in a bar lecturing laborers with his stories about the haves and have nots. Juan Bolsa came in looking for Tortuga saying that he had a birthday present for him in the back. Tortuga followed Juan and was told that the tortoise on the ground was his gift. Tortuga was enthusiastic about his present until Juan Bolsa signed it with the words "Hola DEA" on the shell. At this instant, Marco and Leonel came in and attacked Tortuga by chopping his head off with a machete because of his betrayal to the Cartel. His head was then placed on the animal along with a mercury switch and C4. ("I.F.T.")

A Warzone 2 shadow ban sees players accused of cheating grouped together in a special lobby. The idea is sound but seems less than perfect with everything from bugs, to getting too many kills reportedly triggering a shadowban. Not to mention players can simply report other players, leaving an easy way for people to abuse the system. While the idea of locking away all the cheaters, hackers and aimbotters in one place so they can only ruin each other's game sounds like a great thing for Warzone 2, the system seems to regularly catch innocent people in its net. Whether that's via glitches or abuse. Coming up we're going to take a look at what can trigger a Warzone shadowban, how to tell if you've been shadowbanned and what you can do about it.

It's hard to tell if you've been given a shadow ban in Warzone 2, as there are no notifications. Being disconnected suddenly without warning should be your first clue though - if the game was running fine before it insta-booted you from a match that could be a shadow ban kicking in.The main things to look out for if you think you've been shadowbanned in Warzone 2 are:

[Open on Morty combing his hair in the bathroom mirror. He is wearing an orange sweater vest, a yellow dress shirt, and an olive tie.]Pickle Rick: (offscreen, in the distance) Morty.Morty: Rick?[Morty stops combing, looks around, then continues combing] Pickle Rick: (offscreen, in the distance) Morty! Morty: Rick? Pickle Rick: (offscreen, in the distance) Hey, Mooorty!Morty: Rick? Are you far away, or are you inside something? [Morty opens a cabinet beneath the bathroom sink]Is this a camera?[Morty tries to look inside his comb for a camera]Is everything a camera?[Morty nervously glances around]Pickle Rick: (offscreen, in the distance) Morty, the garage, Morty. Come to the garage![Transition to Morty entering the garage. There is a pickle and a screwdriver on Rick's work bench] Pickle Rick: Morty?Morty: Rick? W-where are you?Pickle Rick: On my work bench, Morty.Morty: Are you invisible and you're gonna, like, fart on me?Pickle Rick: Flip the pickle over.Morty: What, I'm gonna touch it, and you're gonna tell me it's an alien dick or something.Pickle Rick: Come on, flip the pickle, Morty. You're not gonna regret it. The payoff is huge.[Morty hesitantly picks up the screwdriver and turns the pickle over. The pickle has Rick's face on it] I turned myself into a pickle, Morty! Boom! Big reveal: I'm a pickle. What do you think about that? I turned myself into a pickle! W-what are you just staring at me for, bro. I turned myself into a pickle, Morty! Morty: And? Pickle Rick: "And"? What more do you want tacked on to this? I turned myself into a pickle, and 9/11 was an inside job?Morty: Was it?Pickle Rick: Who cares, Morty? Global acts of terrorism happen every day. Uh, here's something that's never happened before: I'm a pickle. I'm Pickle Rick!Morty: Are you going to, I mean, you know, is this the first part of some magic trick? Pickle Rick: I don't do magic, Morty, I do science. One takes brains, the other takes dark eye liner.Morty: Well, can you move? Can you fly? Pickle Rick: I wouldn't be much of a pickle if I could.Morty: All right, well, do pickles live forever or -- Pickle Rick: Morty, stop digging for hidden layers and just be impressed. I'm a pickle.Morty: I-I'm just trying to figure out why you would do this. Why anyone would do this.Pickle Rick: The reason anyone would do this is, if they could, which they can't, would be because they could, which they can't.[Beth and Summer enter the garage from the house. Beth is wearing a midi mahogany pencil dress while Summer is wearing a shorter pink dress with a hot pink jacket, along with black stockings and black heels]Beth: Morty, we have to get going, or we're gonna be late. Where's your grandpa? Pickle Rick: Right here, sweetie. I'm a pickle! Beth: What?! Why would you -- Look, we're running late. We have to go.Pickle Rick: Where are you guys going?Beth: We have an appointment downtown that was set a week ago and agreed upon by everyone, including you.Pickle Rick: Oh, my God. Beth, oh, it totally slipped my mind. Geez, oh, man. I'm a pickle. I mean, I don't know if I can, ooh, geez.Morty: Rick, did you do this on purpose to get out of family counseling?Beth: Morty!Pickle Rick: It's okay, Beth. I understand Morty's suspicion. I've misled him before. Morty, turn me so we're making eye contact.[Morty turns Pickle Rick's face so that it is facing him]Morty, I assure you, I would never "find a way" to "get out of" family therapy. I hope my lack of fingers doesn't prevent the perception of my air quotes.Summer: Can't you just turn yourself back into a human?Pickle Rick: Great question, Summer. The unfortunate answer is I did this to challenge myself. And it could take hours or even days before I'm able to figure out how to return to human form. But, I mean, you know, your mom could put me in a purse or a pocket, you know, if she really needs me to go.Beth: Nobody needs anything! Okay, it's fine. I mean, you should just stay here and figure out how to stop being a pickle, okay? Morty: Hey, Rick, why is there a syringe of mysterious fluid hanging directly over you? Also, why is the string attached to it running through a pair of scissors attached to a timer? And why is the time set to 10 minutes from now, exactly when we would have left for therapy? Pickle Rick: Well, Morty, if you know must know, the syringe is completely unrelated to this discussion, and, therefore, it does not warrant further explanation.[Beth cuts off the syringe and takes it]Beth: Enough. Kids, it's time to go. We don't want to be late.[Beth puts the syringe in her purse]Pickle Rick: W-w-what are you doing there, Beth? What are you doing there, sweetie?Beth: Well, I mean, you don't want to get pierced by a needle full of liquid unrelated to your situation. How's that gonna help?Pickle Rick: Can't argue with that.Beth: Great. We'll see you later.[Beth, Summer, and Morty enter the car.]Pickle Rick: Hey, hey, be careful with that. It's for something else. It's really important, so don't break it.[Beth drives away with Summer and Morty. They all exit.]Pickle Rick: Okay, I may have fucked up here. Dup, ap, ap, pap, ut, dah, pap, pap, pap, pah. T-t-tah, tah. [clicks tongue]Izzy walks in through the open garage door and jumps onto Rick's work bench. She sniffs around]Pickle Rick: Oh, great. Stupid cat.[Izzy sniffs Pickle Rick and hisses]Pickle Rick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I know what it looks like to you, Izzy, but I'm not a snake! I've seen the YouTube videos, I know cats are scared of cucumbers and pickles because they think they're snakes. I'm not a snake! I'm a pickle, I'm a pickle![Izzy bats at Pickle Rick and knocks him off of the work bench, causing him to roll down the driveway] Pickle Rick: Whoa! Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa![Pickle Rick is directly facing the sky]Pickle Rick: Oh, crap, that sun is bright.[Pickle Rick begins to sweat]Pickle Rick: Okay, come on. This can't really be the way I go out. This is the mega-genius equivalent of dying on the toilet.[Pickle Rick starts to shrivel up]Pickle Rick: So... hot. This is how I'm gonna die.[Thunder can be heard and the shadow of a cloud appears overhead. It starts to rain. Pickle Rick stops shriveling]Pickle Rick: Oh, God, moisture.[The rain gets heavy and it begins to flood]Pickle Rick: Oh, God, the moisture! Dial it back, God! Dial it back a little bit here![Pickle Rick starts rolling down the road]Pickle Rick: Oh! Oh![Pickle Rick rolls towards a sewer grate]Pickle Rick: Oh, God! Perpendicular, perpendicular![Pickle Rick rolls into the sewer grate and falls into the sewer] Pickle Rick: Oh, SHIIIIIT!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! [Pickle Rick hits many pipes before eventually falling onto a solid surface. There are bugs crawling around. One bug walks up to a pile of dirt. Pickle Rick bites his lip and pickle juice comes out. The bug turns around]Pickle Rick: Come on. That's it.[The bug walks towards Pickle Rick]Pickle Rick: Come get this delicious brine.[The bug is in front of Pickle Rick. Pickle Rick bites on its head and squeezes it until the bug dies.]Pickle Rick: Aah! Come on! Come on, motherfucker! Come on![Pickle Rick licks off the top of the bug's head, revealing its brain. He then licks part of the brain and the bug's leg moves. He rolls onto the bug and licks its brain, moving its legs forward and moving him forward with it]Pickle Rick: Yes![Transition to Beth, Summer, and Morty sitting in a waiting room outside of Dr. Wong's therapy office. Beth is reading a magazine, while Summer sits with her head resting on her fist. The door to her office reads: "Dr. WONG / FAMILY THERAPY / COPROPHRAGIA RECOVERY". There is a motivational picture of a man eating a hot dog which reads "COURAGE" underneath it.]Summer: How is this even family therapy if Dad's not invited and Grandpa won't come?Morty: Yeah, and what's courageous about eating a hot dog?Beth: It's nobody's choice to be here, you knobs. The family was told to get counseling by your principal, even though it's not the family that was huffing pottery glaze in the art room and desk wetting in history class.Mr. Goldenfold enters through Dr. Wong's door.Mr. Goldenfold: Oh, the Smith family, minus a dad. You're patients of Dr. Wong, too?Beth: Temporarily. By order of the school.Mr. Goldenfold: Me too. How long have you all been eating poop? Summer: We... have never... eaten poop.Mr. Goldenfold: Uh, me, neither. Say, where did my family get off to?[Mr. Goldenfold exits. Dr. Wong opens her door and enters the waiting room]Dr. Wong: Smith family, I'm Dr. Wong. Come on in.[Beth, Summer, and Morty exit the waiting room and enter Dr. Wong's office. Dr. Wong flips the motivational image over to another motivational image of a nuclear family which reads "DEDICATION". Transition to Beth, Morty, Summer, and Dr. Wong sitting down in Dr. Wong's office.]Dr. Wong: I was told there was a grandpa that might be joining us?Beth: He got wrapped up in an experiment. He's a scientist. Like, legit, like on an inter-galactic, sci-fi level. His work is very -- Morty: He turned himself into a pickle.Beth: Morty, Mom's talking. I'm sorry, I suppose that's a good segue into our little discipline cases here.Dr. Wong: Does Grandpa turn himself into a pickle a lot?Beth: What? No, what kind of question is that?Dr. Wong: The kind that wasn't designed to attack or hurt you in any way.Beth: Oh, Jesus Christ, one of these. No, my father has never turned himself into a pickle before. He's unpredictable and eccentric. The whole family is. Speaking of which...[Beth turns towards Summer and Morty]Dr. Wong: Okay, let's open things up to the whole family, and let me ask this. Why do we think Grandpa turned himself into a pickle?[Beth rolls her eyes. Transition to Pickle Rick, who has attached the bug's limbs to his pickle body and has managed to use them to move. He is looking through a grate, and is rubbing the end of one of the bug arms against one of the bars]Pickle Rick: Wow. Ugh.[A rat appears behind the grate and starts scratching at Pickle Rick, screeching]Pickle Rick: Hey, listen, I know this is your world not mine. The sooner I can get out, the sooner I can go back to taking big craps, and you can go back to subsisting on them.[The rat breaks open one of the bars and continues to scratch. Pickle Rick starts to walk backwards.]Pickle Rick: You are one driven rat. Could you be a little more driven? To the right.[Pickle Rick scratches at a rope which is attached to a bug's arms which is holding a razor that it lets go of which is propelled upwards which breaks a rubber band which is tied to a sharp broken bottle which falls on the rat's head and chops it off, killing the rat][Pickle Rick picks up the rat's head]Pickle Rick: Yes, yes, yes! Come on, come on, come on! Fresh, fresh, fresh![A mischief of rats appears behind the bars, also scratching at Pickle Rick, who is not in their range.]Pickle Rick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, was this your friend? Don't worry, he died doing what he loved, being a dumb fucking rat.[Pickle Rick puts the rat's head onto a bottle cap which starts a machine which lifts him up and takes off his bug limbs. The machine then splits open the rat head and rips out its brain, then puts Pickle Rick down and begins nailing the rat's body parts to Pickle Rick's pickle body. It then sticks a needle into the brain which connects it to the limbs. Pickle Rick runs towards the rats and begins killing them.]Pickle Rick: Oh, yeah! Aaaah![He takes out a machines on his wrists which are loaded with screws. He kills some of the rats. The screws disappear and x-acto blade pop out. He kills more rats. Transition to Dr. Wong's office.]Beth: I didn't say my father is perfect, I said his work is important.Summer: And she's saying what's important is that Grandpa lied to you to get out of coming here.Beth: Oh, he did not! Dr. Wong: Let's do an experiment here. I get the impression this family values science. So raise your hand if you feel certain you know what was in the syringe.[No one raises their hand.]Raise your hand if you know for certain the syringe does not contain anti-pickle serum.[Beth begins to raise her hand but stops herself.]Beth, your hand did a little thing there.Beth: Do you really not see what's happening here?Dr. Wong: Tell me.Beth: Well, Dr. Wong -- by the way, racist name -- obviously, Morty and Summer are seizing on your arbitrary pickle obsession as an end run around what was supposed to be their therapy.Dr. Wong: Oh, I think this pickle incident is a better path than any other to the heart of your family's dysfunction. I think it's possible that you and your father have a very specific dynamic. I don't think it's one that rewards emotion or vulnerability. I think it may punish them. I think it's possible


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