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366 Days By Kiyoshi Tanaka

Edible basidiomycetesFlammulia velutipes andPleurotus ostreatus were cultivated in the usual manner on media based on sawdust and rice bran, and the cultures were exposed to slowly flowing CO2-enriched air (550 (control), 3,000, 6,000, and 9,000µl/l) for seven days at different stages of cultivation. When the cultures were exposed at the primordium stage (less than 10 mm in length), length and yield of fruit-bodies increased and pileus expansion was slightly inhibited inF. velutipes, while inP. ostreatus length increased, yield decreased, and pileus expansion was greatly inhibited. When the cultures with fruit-bodies larger than 10 mm were exposed, length and yield were insensitive and pileus expansion was greatly inhibited inF. velutipes, while inP. ostreatus length was insensitive, but pileus expansion was heavily damaged by trumpet-like deformation and yield decreased. The different action of CO2 on the two species appeared to be due to the different anatomical structures of their fruit-bodies.

366 Days By Kiyoshi Tanaka

A couple days later, Nishi is seen boarding a subway, and looks pleased to see Izumi in it too. He immediately approaches Izumi and sits beside him, and questions him as to what he thinks of the current Tokyo Gantz team. Izumi considers them useless, and states he needs more weapons for the Katastrophe; he also states he wants to prove Japanese are the best, as Nishi had questioned if it would be better to let some other nation take over. Upon asking if Izumi got his memory back, Nishi looks irked upon being told Izumi doesn't remember him. Suddenly, he and Izumi are approached by two of the vampires, and they immediately go into stealth mode. As the two vampires fire upon them with their guns, they are able to dodge the bullets, and land their hits(Izumi with his sword and Nishi with his gun) in sync, slaying the vampires. Nishi then notes how everyone in the compartment-beside them- was killed, and asks Izumi if it's like this all time, with Izumi saying now and then, and Nishi stating some sympathy, saying that's rough. Noticing more vampires arriving to attack Izumi, Nishi states Izumi is on his own, and that he's out, but wishes him good luck. Later on, while Izumi is battling the vampire legion in front of his apartment, he calls Sakurai, to inform him that Izumi is being attacked by the vampires, and that he won't help him since there are no points in it for him. Sakurai tries to inform Sakata, who has realized that Izumi was the perpetrator of the Shinjuku massacre, and tells Sakurai that Izumi is meant to die, and not to inform any other members of the Gantz Team.


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