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Firefox For Mac Yosemite Download

LINK ->>>

Firefox For Mac Yosemite Download

I do not why this happened but if you wish to download Firefox on MAC please see this article: -US/firefox/78.0.1/releasenotes/ and scroll down and click on "All Firefox downloads". This will lead you to customize your download to fit the exact Firefox version along with the exact language and the exact platform you wish to install on. Let me know if this helps.

Z10 for Windows is also now available and includes the update and fix. It also includes one change not found on the previous release. It is necessary to install on the 64 bit version of Windows as is stated on the fix. This even if you have 32 bit Windows. The directions to properly install on the Z10 is in the link in the article above.

I cannot get the mac link to work. Microsoft is fixing the issues involved with the Windows 10. The link was taken down because it hasn't been fixed yet. In the meantime here it is: -U4S/firefox/20160909/releasenotes/

For some reason the mirror seems to have disappeared and we need to fix that. Sorry for the inconvenience. The link to download Alpha 2 for the Mac operating system has been updated today. The link to download for Windows is still intact. d2c66b5586


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