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This is very interesting. I just heard of M-Pesa via a television show and had so many questions. As an AML consultant and professional it just did not make sense that you could transmit funds from person to person via mobile phones, but the funds were completely not tied to ant banking system and were totally free of regulations and oversight. If that were true, then where does the money come from and what is drawn against ? Sure, one can open an M-Pesa account on your cell phone with a secure password and then transmit, say, $100. to his brother for a birthday gift. The message transmit the amount from one user to the other. But now, where do you go to turn the digital deposit into a real $ 100. bill ? These deposits have to be secured by some financial institution and have to be real, tangible currency for dispersion, or else the M-Pesa is worthless and not real money. I think the above questions & answers segment has answered my major question ?.....but I have more !

VERIFIED Think Cell Crack Keygen 55


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