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LSR Audio COMPrime VST: A Vintage Tube Compressor Plugin for Windows and Mac

LSR Audio COMPrime VST: A Vintage Tube Compressor Plugin for Windows and Mac

If you are looking for a plugin that can emulate the warm and rich sound of a vintage tube compressor, you might want to check out LSR Audio COMPrime VST. This plugin is compatible with AAX, RTAS, AU and VST hosts on Mac and Windows, and offers a natural progressive compression curve, a very fast reaction, a program-dependent release, and an adjustable tube drive. Here are some of the features and benefits of LSR Audio COMPrime VST:

  • Natural progressive compression curve: COMPrime reduces the dynamic range of the input signal, i.e. the difference between quiet and strong sounds. Quiet sounds are amplified by the makeup level, while the louder ones are first affected by a gain reduction. You can adjust the compression parameters such as attack time, release time, threshold, ratio and knee to suit your needs.

  • Very fast reaction: COMPrime has a very fast attack time, which means it can catch transients and peaks quickly and accurately. You can also choose between a soft or a medium knee for the compression curve.

  • Program-dependent release: COMPrime recovers faster from short transients than from long gain reduction phases. This reduces pumping effect on fast changing signals and avoids bass distortion on slower changes with longer release.

  • Vintage meter: COMPrime has a vintage-style meter that displays either the gain reduction or the output level of the signal. You can switch between the two modes by clicking on the meter.

  • Adjustable tube drive: COMPrime has a hot tube in its core that gives you the famous analog non-linearity that creates a warm and rich sound. You can adjust the tube drive from subtle warming to hot overdrive by using the drive knob.

  • Side chain low cut filter: COMPrime has a side chain low cut filter with an adjustable frequency that allows you to filter out low frequencies from the signal that triggers the compression. This can help you avoid unwanted compression on bass-heavy sounds.

  • Parallel compression: COMPrime has a mix control that lets you blend the compressed signal with the original signal. This can help you achieve a more natural and transparent compression effect.

  • Mono, stereo and multi-channel: COMPrime can process mono, stereo and multi-channel signals with ease. You can also link the channels for stereo or multi-channel processing.

  • Double precision floating point processing: COMPrime uses high-quality double precision floating point processing for maximum accuracy and fidelity.

If you are interested in LSR Audio COMPrime VST, you can buy it now for $99 or get a demo version from their website[^1^]. You can also watch some video tutorials and listen to some audio examples to hear how it sounds on different sources.

LSR Audio COMPrime VST v0.2.0 beta x86 x64 - ST3RE0 [deepstatus] 64 bit

Download Zip:

What Users Say About LSR Audio COMPrime VST

LSR Audio COMPrime VST has received positive feedback from users who have tried it. Here are some of the comments and reviews from users who have used this plugin:

"I tried the demo. It's one of the better compressors I've used. Bearing in mind I'm a hobbyist with limited mixing abilities. I recently tried a heap of compressor demos from developers big and small and loads of freeware. This and PSP Audioware FetPressor stood out from the pack. I was looking for something that sounded good with minimum tweaking, and I found it in Comprime. It's hard to make this sound thing bad, It's easy to dial in and achieve quick results. It sounds smooth and rounded. You can really push this thing hard and it still sounds great."[^2^]

"Although its compression algorithm is described as 'progressive', my impression was that it behaves more like a hard-knee than a soft-knee design, and I also found that the same ratios and attack and release times I would typically use with other compressors seemed much more 'grabby' here. [...] Initially, then, I found it hard to achieve a smooth levelling effect, although things improved a lot once I experimented with much higher attack and release times than I'd usually employ. Even then, it's very much the kind of compressor that jumps in your face and says \"Hello!\" [...] The Drive control is very effective at adding subtle warmth or more obvious distortion, and can be used to good effect on drums, guitars and vocals."[^1^]

"It's an intriguing architecture that ultimately breaks down into three very distinct flavours as you step through the Ceiling settings. The behaviour can be tweaked further using the Input threshold - and the settings are very sensitive, so care needs to be taken."[^3^]

As you can see, LSR Audio COMPrime VST is a plugin that can add character and warmth to your tracks with its vintage tube emulation and flexible compression options. If you are looking for a compressor that can handle different types of sources and genres, you might want to give LSR Audio COMPrime VST a try. 0efd9a6b88


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