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The Summer I Turned Pretty - Season 1

"As fans anticipate the beach fun and young romance in the upcoming first season," Vernon Sanders, head of global television at Amazon Studios shared in the statement. "We're excited to announce more summer to come with a second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty."

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Season 1

The Summer I Turned Pretty gets it, though. And it gets why everyone else seems to be having such a hard time this summer, too. Though Belly is our protagonist, the drama also makes time for characters like Susannah and Laurel to wrestle with their own issues, divorced from whatever petty jealousies or grudges are occupying their kids. If part of growing up for Belly is getting to feel like the main character in her own story for the first time, a late-season revelation serves as a heartbreaking reminder that so, too, is learning that everyone else is the main character in their own.

From the start of the series, Belly is one of the most likable The Summer I Turned Pretty characters. She's kind, intelligent, and happy to be spending another summer at her favorite place in the world. When Susannah tells Belly that she would love for her to be a debutante this season, Belly is surprised and even more shocked when she agrees.

For much of season 1, it seems like either Cam or Conrad will escort Belly to the ball. Belly is nervous about asking Cam, not wanting to get rejected, and she figures that Conrad wouldn't want to go with her since he has been moody all summer long.

While the majority of Belly's story in season one takes place at Cousins Beach and thus was filmed in Wilmington, Han has big ideas to expand her world. The Amazon Prime series has already been renewed for a second season (via Deadline), and it appears that the characters may have a change of scenery come next season. "All you see is summertime right now. And I think there's a lot more road to hoe. We will get to see [Belly's] world a bit bigger," Han explained to Today.

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