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Where To Buy Six And Twenty

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Six & Twenty Distillery was founded in 2014 by Farmer Redmond and David Raad in Powdersville, South Carolina. It is named for a pre-Revolution story about an escaped colonial maiden naming off geographic points on her way to warn the defending British troops of a native attack. The modern distillery is said to be located 26 miles from her point of capture... or, "twenty and six." . Then consider themselves a "grain to glass" distillery in that they control aspects of production from grinding the grain, to fermenting, to distilling, to aging, to bottling.

Results: Twelve of the twenty-six hips (46%) were successfully reduced with Pavlik harness after an average treatment of 14 weeks (4 to 28 wk). One patient (9%) needed a secondary procedure 1 year 9 months after reposition because of residual dysplasia (Pelvis osteotomy). Seventeen of the 26 hips were primary diagnosed by Ultrasound according to the Graf classification. Ten had a Graf type 3 hip and 7 hips were classified as Graf type 4. The success rate was 60% for the type 3 hips and 0% for the type 4 hips. (P=0.035). None of the hips that were reduced with the Pavlik harness developed an avascular necrosis (AVN). Of the hips that failed the Pavlik harness treatment, three hips showed signs of AVN, 1 after closed reposition and 2 after open reposition.

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