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The White Queen 1x3

Can anyone confirm if my queen size cuts are right (which I doubt they are)? I've never built anything except for a couple speaker boxes when I was a kid. I really want to try to build it this weekend as I just got a new queen mattress.

The White Queen 1x3

Be sure to measure your mattress. As stated in the plan just above the "cut list" . "This bed is for full size mattresses. To convert to twin, subtract 15" from width. To convert to queen, add 6" to width AND 5" to length. This assumes bed sizes of TWIN: 39" x 75" FULL: 54" x 75" QUEEN: 60" x 80"."

Calacatta Gold Marble Herringbone 1x3 Mosaic Tile is an exclusive Italian natural marble collection. Premium grade marble herringbone tile is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Calacatta Gold has been the best choice of leaders in the antique world for its strength and beauty. Carrara Marble is pleased to offer the Premium Calacatta Gold Mosaic Tiles, highly prized for its rich coloration and beautiful veining. This Italian Calacatta marble presents graceful veining patterns of gold and white across a backdrop of clear honeyed white in a pure and timeless matte and glossy finish. A huge selection of coordinating products are available, including Calacatta 3D Cube Diamond Mosaic Tile, Calacatta 4x12 Wide Bevel Subway Tile, Calacatta Large Diamond Mosaic Tile, Calacatta Fan Shaped Fish Scale Mosaic Tile, Calacatta Bullnose Pencil Molding. Calacatta Gold Italian Marble collection available in honed and polished finishes.

Arya and Sansa are still at odds over the incident with Joffrey and her direwolf. Eddard explains to Arya that Sansa was put in a difficult position by the king and queen, and while she shouldn't have lied, winning the long-term approval of Joffrey, her future husband, was important. Arya is unhappy with the situation, but Eddard mollifies her by allowing her to practice with her sword, Needle.

Later, Tyrion discusses north of the Wall with Jeor Mormont and his chief adviser, the ancient and blind Maester Aemon. Jeor asks for Tyrion to intercede at court and get the Watch more men as they are dangerously undermanned. Aemon warns that the Stark words are right. Winter is coming. It will be more harsh and terrible than any in living memory. More dangerous things than just wildlings might come with it. After all, one of their number swore that the White Walkers had returned ... right up to the moment Ned Stark cut his head off. Tyrion admits his skepticism that supernatural creatures might exist, but he agrees to bring word to his queen.

A bed frame with slats is a platform bed, as opposed to a panel bed. A platform bed supports the mattress with a series of evenly spaced slats, usually made of wood, and there is no box spring under the mattress. A panel bed is designed for use with a box spring, which provides its own support for the mattress and therefore does not need slats. If you're building a platform bed for a queen mattress, or you have an old platform bed that needs new slats, determine the number of slats you need based on the slat width. The slat spacing is generally standard. You can use a variety of wood types for the slats, but some wood species work better than others.

Calculate the number of slats you need based on the width of the slats and the standard spacing. Slats typically are made with 1 x 3 or 1 x 4 lumber: 1 x 3s are 2 1/2 inches wide, and 1 x 4s are 3 1/2 inches wide (both are about 3/4 inch thick). A queen mattress is 80 inches long. If you space the slats no more than 2 1/2 inches apart, you need the following number of slats:

Most do-it-yourselfers building a platform bed for their queen mattress will go the local lumberyard or home center and pick up slats in whatever standard lumber species is available. This most likely will be an inexpensive construction grade of softwood, such as pine, larch, Douglas fir or spruce. If you choose this route, you should use 1 x 4s rather than 1x 3s (1 x 4s are stronger), and choose boards that are kiln-dried so they're less likely to warp and relatively knot-free, because knots are often weak spots. Also, pick through the stock to find straight, flat boards.

Queen beds are 60 inches wide, and no slat of any wood type will span that distance without eventually sagging in the middle. Therefore, all platform queen beds with slats should have a rigid center support running from the head to the foot of the bed. With a center support, the slats span only about 30 inches rather than 60 inches. Keep in mind that for a regular platform bed, you really don't want the slats to flex, so the stiffer the slats, the better.

This features a soft white background with tonal inflections from the porcelain. Homeowners choose this tile for its pretty pattern and cool color, which makes it an ideal backdrop for any design. Use this versatile product as a porcelain mosaic backsplash tile or to create a stunning accent wall or countertop. It's also suitable for light commercial settings, where it is often used as a porcelain backsplash tile. Wherever it's used, this modern white tile makes a style statement that turns heads.

LADY ROBIN: A Robin Hill evergreen azalea. ('Glacier' x 'Tama-giku' x 'Getsu-Toku'. Cross (1960), raised, and introduced 1969 by Robert Gartrell, Wyckoff, N.J. Synonym T14-10. Flowers of heavy substance openly funnel-shaped, 3" across x 2" long with 5 wavy lobes, color pattern varies among flowers: 1. white slightly tinted, 2. white, sectored Red Purple Group 66B (R. H. S. Colour Chart) 3. white striped 66B. All with faint light brown blotch. Calyx ", light green, hairy. Inflorescence 1-3-flowered. Floriferous. Leaves 1 3/4" x 1 ", elliptic to broadly elliptic, apiculate, cuneate, glabrous, glossy, Green Group 137D, retained 2 years. Plant broad, dwarf to semi-dwarf, branching well, 21" tall x 36" wide in 15 years. Blooms in late May, early June. Hardy to at least -10 F.

ROSE SCOTT: 'Else Frye' x R. johnstoneanum x R. cubittii . Cross (1968), raised, and introduced 1976 by Robert W. Scott, Kensington, Ca. Buds Cardinal Red 822 H.C.C. with white scales. Flowers of heavy substance, widely funnel-shaped, 4" across x 2" long, with 5-6 wavy lobes, very fragrant, white with irregular patches of Fuchine Pink 627/3 to 627/1 and large dorsal flare China Rose o24/1 and Orange Buff 50713, reverse white heavily flushed shades of Fuchine Pink to rib markings of Spiraea Red o25/ 1. Calyx irregular to 3/16", dorsally green flushed China Rose, ventrally light green. Truss 5" across x 4" high, ball-shaped to flat, 3-7 flowered. Free flowering. Leaves 3" x 1", elliptic, acute to apiculate, cuneate, glossy, bullate, medium dark green, under surface with moderately dense golden scales not highly visible juvenile leaves with long marginal hairs, retained 2 Years. Plant upright, branching well, 32" tall x 26" wide in 7 Years. Blooms in early to mid-March. Hardiness untested. 041b061a72


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