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Discografia Completa De Camila Torrent

Discografia completa de Camila (2010) available in English only. Download Camila (2010) album in mp3 or zip file for free! Download songs from the album Camila (2010) in high quality (320 kbps). The author adds: The producers of the album Camila (2010) decided to compose it much less warm and cozy, and, as a result, gave it a slightly new style. The change in the genre of the album is indicated by the appearance of the modern electronic sounds in its composition, and the song Spay is intended to be a new beginning. The best song on the album is The Way, many fans of Camila agree. The video for the song The Way was shot in and around Havana, and its director is as amazing as the music. He communicates a human experience, the sentiment, the main character of the song. For sure, you should like the video for The Way, the rest of the songs are almost negligible.

discografia completa de camila torrent

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Camila Camila Sepúlveda is a beautiful Brazilian singer with a rich sexy voice. Born on the 14th of June, in Rio de Janeiro, she's the youngest of four children. Her father was a contralto, a subtenor with a passion for music, and her mother was an opera singer. At the age of 12, Camila started singing and took lessons at the

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