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2022 CC Pack Folder Mods PATCHED Downloads The Sims 4

Now that your cc folder is FILLED to the brim with amazing custom content packs, find more of the best sims 4 cc finds in my entire category of cc posts or on Tumblr!

2022 CC Pack Folder Mods Downloads The Sims 4

Now that you've located your Mods folder, unzip your downloaded content if needed. Then, simply copy your .package, .blueprint, .trayitem, or .bpi to the /Mods or /Tray folder. If you want to organize your CC by type, you can create folders inside the main folder, e.g. Hairstyles, Jewelry.

I recently started using sims 3 custom content for my game, and putting .sims3pack files into the downloads folder works and they all show up in-game, however .package files into Mods folder have not shown up whatsoever. I would really appreciate any help getting the .package files to show up in-game.

@Nonkie7402 Are the .package files inside Mods/Packages, and is there a resource.cfg in the Mods folder? Have you deleted the five cache files from your Sims 3 folder in Documents\Electronic Arts? They should be deleted any time you add or remove content from your game. For reference, they are:

If you've done all this and the .package files still aren't showing, please move the Mods folder out of the Sims 3 folder, recreate the setup or download a new Mods Framework from Mod the Sims, place just one .package file inside the Packages folder, delete the cache files again, and test in-game. Let me know whether it works.

@puzzlezaddict thank you very much for this response, I did this, so I removed my mods folder, downloaded the modthesims wiki mods folder that includes nointro and whatnot, deleted all the cache files and there was no intro which im assuming means the package file worked as intended. Thank you very much for your help.

I need help with this too! I put my .package mods i downloaded from sites in my mod folder but they appeared in the game the other day but once i added more it doesnt appear anymore, especially the skins. 041b061a72


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