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When calling the kodi.call_method service, if the Kodi JSON-RPC API returns data, when received by Home Assistant it will fire a kodi_call_method_result event on the event bus with the following event_data:

@laichiaheng - kodi is bound to a specific version of ffmpeg which is generally older than Arch's package. We avoid incompatibilities by using that specific version (ie internal ffmpeg). Recommend that you build kodi in clean chroot. See: :Building_in_a_clean_chroot

@graysky when I asked for kodi-nexus-git, a chaotic-aur dev mentioned "let's wait until someone explicitly requests this. There are less than 100 users of kodi-git". -aur/packages/issues/1632#issuecomment-1354197196Maybe if someone else requested kodi-nexus-git they would make the binary: -aur/packages/issues 59ce067264


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