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The Mayo Clinic recommends that patients identify the nature of their delayed ejaculation in order to get to the root cause so the dysfunction can be addressed. Your friend should establish whether their delayed ejaculation has been lifelong or acquired. If the problem is lifelong, it will have been an issue since they reached sexual maturity, whereas acquired will have happened after they had normal sexual functioning for an extended period of time.

What Your Friend Should DoYour friend should go to a urologist, even if they believe their delayed ejaculation is psychological. That way, they can work with a medical professional to eliminate the possibility of physical issues like low testosterone or trauma.

i had a friend with benefits. we used to mess around alot orally never actual penetration. We stopped talking for a while and i missed him so i texted him again but he started to lag in replying and always almost never texts back. i still want to mess around with him but i dont know how to approach him anymore. what can i do

Me and my ex boyfriend still talking and seeing with each other after we broke up. He said that he wanted to be concentrated in his studies because study is the serious matter in life. Yes. Were still in college. I dont believe in his excuse so I just think that maybe he sees another woman whos greater than me. But after he broke up with me.. yes he is the one who ended up our relationship. After that, I still have the courage and hope to save our relationship. So I still seeing him even he doesnt want to. I still chat, text and call him every night and day. I still treat him whatever food he wants. I always telling him that I still love him and I love him even more everytime he pushes me away and everytime he says that I should be moving on and take away my feelings for him. I didnt follow what he said so i still meet him up. But then one day, someones discover me and always following me and always telling that that someone loves me. And then my ex boyfriend found out whats going on to me. Because of that he always wanted to meet him up, he always chat or text and says whats going on with me and he always calling. But I follow your instructions, I ignored his chat text and calls. And now i dont what to do next. Im scared that if i let this ignoring and jealousy gaming to him, maybe he will just give up like what he did (about breaking up with me). I knew his attitude. He easily gives up onsomething that he thinks he cant do it. What to do next?

Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and he dumped me bc he sed he recently wasent being happy with me that he just felt a bit empty (bc we were having a rough time) I asked him to re think things but he kept refusing to he sed he had nothing to think and kept being on the denfense with me and some friends didnt like me eithier so that might of influenced a bit. How do i get him to rethink his decision and regret this without asking him to one more time?

You gave him what he wanted twice. He already had a girlfriend, just leave him be. Find you a man and live on. He ignores your text because he decided to work it out with his girlfriend. If he texts you in the near future, it only means that him and his girl are having problems again. Then you need to ignore his texts.

My friend was scammed by a man here from Pakistan named Mian Ahsaan Rahman. He was in the military over there and he acted like he liked her while seeing other Boston women and constantly cancelling plans with her. When he was nice it was because he knew he was leaving for California and wanted to stay at her place when in town. He would constantly break plans with her or see her last minute as a booty call. She is a good woman but he is a disaster with 4 children and an exwife he cheated on. So glad he left the state for CA and hopefully back to Pakistan. Good riddance to bad player men!

Am kachii met this guy and we have been in a relstionship since marcha sex addict,too bossyhe gets jealous easilytoo possessive and anytime i make mistakes he make sure he scolds me badlywe both love each other but he dont want me to talk to other guys,he flare up easilyhe gets horny anyhowhe loves sex but i dont want him to turn me to a sex addictwhat should i do?

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