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Buy Old Whiskey


Buy Old Whiskey

Thanks to Tennessee's signature Lincoln County Process, this 85 proof whiskey takes on a mellow character without losing an ounce of its complexity. Old Dominick Distillery is proud to re-introduce you to Tennessee whiskey.

The name Old Dominick has always been synonymous with quality. We're continuing that proud tradition with our Bottled-In-Bond Tennessee Whiskey, made in Tennessee's signature style, and guaranteed to be "irrefutably fine whiskey."

We took the sweet softness of our Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey, and blended it with the bold warmth and complexity of our high-rye Huling Station Straight Bourbon to create a perfect harmony between the spicy whiskeys characteristic of the pre-prohibition age and the sweeter drams favored by many modern whiskey lovers.

I also know we have some readers here at WhiskeyBon who are absolute ballers and have the means to splash out on some of the more expensive whiskies so I have put tighter a list of the best online shops to buy rare and limited edition whisky / whiskey.

As you will probably know if you are a regular reader of WhiskeyBon we are big fans of Master of Malt. We order a lot of our Scotch and American whiskey from them. This is your more standard offerings but they also have an amazing collection of rare and limited edition Scotch whisky, American whiskey and bourbon.

Explore Wisconsin's favorite cocktail at over 100 establishments across the state. Take your family, friends, lovers, or yourself to supper clubs, distilleries, taverns, restaurants and more to get a buy one old fashioned get one old fashioned free at every stop. The Old Fashioned Passport is an ideal tool to make memories and save money, one OF at a time. The perfect gift for any Wisconsinite who loves a good old fashioned, be it brandy or whiskey.

The Old Fashioned began as a "Whiskey Cocktail" in the mid 1800s and got popular in New York City. A few decades later American's wanted their cocktail made the "Old Fashioned" way and they got a drink with sugar, soda water, whiskey, bitters, ice, and a garnish (usually an orange peel). The drink would continue to ebb and flow in popularity and style until Prohibition.

For over 250 years, the Williams Family has had a truly amazing and colorful journey. From participating in the Revolutionary War to establishing and then losing a world famous whiskey brand to prohibition, we invite you to take a ride with us down memory lane. 59ce067264


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