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Digital Still Camera Best Buy

Adding more camera and photofinishing stores seems like a risky move, given the rapid growth in digital photography and the expansion of giant electronics stores, like Best Buy and Circuit City, which have doubled their share of the camera market in the past five years, to 13%. But the big vendors are mostly stealing business from discount stores like Walgreens and Kmart, not from specialty camera shops.

digital still camera best buy

Sales of digital cameras have increased 64% this year, and that's a threat to the $6.7 billion film-processing business. David Ritz hopes to make up some of the slack by equipping virtually all of his stores with the technology to make high-quality prints from a customer's memory card or disc. And Ritz stores sell everything from a $60 digital Argus point-and-shoot digital camera to a Contax N single lens reflex digital camera with 6.29 megapixels. That will run you $7,000 just for the camera body.

Picture - 4 stars (I'm comparing images I shot on this to images shot with my Canon 5dII) Design - 4 stars (fits in hand well, build of lens is solid but body feels a bit too plastic in hand) User interface - 3 stars (dumbed down icons and layout but still hard to get to vital items like Manual focus) Portability - 2.5 stars (only comes with large zoom lens) Overall the best buy for an APS-C camera right now.

And so it was that all the latest stuff flew off the shelves. Successive generations of flat screen TVs, ever larger, lighter, cheaper, better. Same for digital cameras. And PCs. And laptops. Cell phones. Cooking ranges. Refrigerators. Washing machines.

Digital SLRs are hot items in the camera category, with models such as the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xsi leading the way. But in our increasingly photo-centric society, simpler digital camera models, such as those occupying our Top 10 Point-and-Shoot Cameras chart, have evolved into must-have products.

Admit it: You're just about ready to put a gorgeous high-definition monument to couch-potato-dom in your living room. Or maybe it's time for TV number two, in advance of the impending digital-TV switch-over (set to happen in February 2009). What's your best HDTV bet? 041b061a72


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