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Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 With Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Step By Step [Extra Quality]

InfoPath 2010 is a powerful form creation and information gathering program included in the Microsoft Office 2010 release. Using InfoPath 2010, you can create highly customized, sophisticated forms without writing any code. You can drag and drop fields onto the form, add instant form validation using a set of rules, and apply different themes or branding to the form.

Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Step by Step


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In this blog we will go through the process of using InfoPath Designer 2010 to create a custom content type in SharePoint 2010. You must have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise version with Forms Services configured for this to work.

I created a library called dayOff and then set it up to manage its own content type and use our new timeOffRequest. If you are not sure how to do this, there is a step by step tutorial blog on creating content types at this url: Creating a Custom Content Type in SharePoint 2010.


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