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Rome 2 Total War Console Commands

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Rome 2 Total War Console Commands: How to Use Them and What They Do

Rome 2 Total War is a strategy game that lets you command armies, manage empires, and fight epic battles in ancient times. But sometimes, you might want to have some extra fun, cheat your way to victory, or test some features of the game. That's where console commands come in handy.

Console commands are special codes that you can type in a hidden window to activate various effects and functions in the game. You can use them to add money, units, traits, ancillaries, and more to your faction, or to manipulate diplomacy, seasons, dates, and battles. You can also use them to run Lua scripts, which are custom commands created by modders.

In this article, we will show you how to access the console commands in Rome 2 Total War, and what are some of the most useful and fun commands you can use. We will also provide some links to more resources where you can find more commands and scripts.

How to Access Console Commands in Rome 2 Total War

To access the console commands in Rome 2 Total War, you need to do two things: enable the debug console in the game files, and assign a key to open it in the game settings.

To enable the debug console, you need to edit a text file called descr_shortcuts.txt, which is located in the data/text folder of your game installation. Open it with a text editor like Notepad or WordPad, and look for a line that says "show_console hidden". Delete the word "hidden" and save the file.

To assign a key to open the console, you need to go to the game options, then controls, then keyboard. Under the misc tab, you should see a line that says "show debug console". Click on it and press any key you want to use for opening the console. We recommend using the tilde () key, as it is easy to reach and not used for anything else in the game.

Now you are ready to use console commands. To open the console, press the key you assigned while playing the game. You should see a small window at the top of the screen where you can type your commands. Press Enter to execute them, and press Esc or click outside the window to close it.

Some Useful and Fun Console Commands in Rome 2 Total War

There are many console commands available in Rome 2 Total War, but we will only list some of the most common and interesting ones here. For a full list of commands, you can check out this Steam discussion or this Steam workshop mod.

All commands are case sensitive, so make sure to capitalize family member names, settlement names, unit names, trait names, ancillary names, and anything else that needs capitalizing. Also make sure to use quotation marks when typing names with spaces or special characters.

Here are some examples of console commands:

add_money "amount": Gives you the specified amount of money. The maximum amount is 40000.

create_unit "general's name" "unit name" "#": Adds units to the selected general's army. You can specify the number of units (up to 20) and their name (use underscores instead of spaces). For example: create_unit "Gaius Julius" "roman_velite" 5

give_trait "character" "trait" "level number": Gives a trait to a character. You can specify the name of the character (use their full name), the name of the trait (use underscores instead of spaces), and the level of the trait (from 1 to 5). For example: give_trait "Gaius Julius" "Good_Commander" 3

give_ancillary "character" "ancillary": Gives an ancillary (an item or a follower) to a character. You can specify the name of the character (use their full name) and the name of the ancillary (use underscores instead of spaces). For example: give_ancillary "Gaius Julius" "Bodyguard"

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