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Free Website Ranking Checker

You wonder why you need a live rank checker if you can just enter your keyword on Google? The answer is simple: Google personalizes your results. Depending on which terms you search for more frequently, your results are adjusted. The problem with this is that you don't get objective rankings which you can compare with other persons or other devices.With our free live rank checker, you will get neutral Google ranking data which is the same for every user. Although our tool uses the regular Google engine, it is not influenced by personalized settings, so that you can check the actual SEO ranking of your website.

free website ranking checker

Generally, personalizing search results for each user is not a bad idea. Topics and websites that you search for and visit very frequently are obviously very important and relevant for you. Therefore, Google adjusts its keyword rankings accordingly. For everyday use, this may be an advantage, but the problem with this is that the results are no longer comparable. If you now want to determine the "neutral" SEO ranking of your website, you have different possibilities to minimize personalization:

When it comes to search engine optimization, knowledge is power, and our free Google keyword rank checker tool gives you just that. It instantly shows you what keywords drive the most traffic to your website and where you rank in search engine results for those keywords. It also allows you to see what keywords are working for your competitors so you can create a more effective keyword strategy. Sign up today to discover your search engine rankings, or contact SEOJet to schedule a free SEO strategy session.

Once you have entered your domain name, you will get a chart with hundreds of keywords and several columns of data that you can use to build your SEO strategy and boost your rankings. These columns each serve a different purpose and give you valuable insight into how your website is performing.

Do you want to turn your website into an automated marketing machine that generates new leads for your business with ease? Contact us today to learn more about our Google rank checker or to talk to one of our SEO experts.

Where do ranking checkers get their information about keyword and webpage rankings? Most of our top rank tracking tools get their data straight from Google and other popular search engines like Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.

Domain Authority (DA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank well. Moz DA ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores equalling a better domain (aka a better chance of ranking highly).

Our keyword rank checker can also be termed as a Keyword position checker, which examines the keywords or phrases you insert through the search engine results to ascertain the position of the website for that phrase. For instance, if you enter any keyword and the tool gives "1" as a result, then it indicates that your site stands first on Google for that word with respect to your selected search engine(location). On the other hand, if the result displays "20," then it refers to 20th rank.

This Google rank checker allows you to check not only yours but the rank of any website for any word by merely inserting the relevant keywords and domains. Therefore, you should use this free keyword rank checker for conducting self or competitive keyword position analysis. It is as simple as you just place the keywords and domain and with a single click, you get accurate results instantly.

While searching for a google rank checker, you might find hundreds of websites providing this facility. But, our Google keyword position checker overshadows all other similar tools due to the various benefits it offers to the users.

The free keyword rank checker by not only provides accurate rankings but also accommodates our users with other search results like keyword trend, volume, difficulty, and much more. This is also a reason for us to outstand in the market.

Therefore, a keyword ranking checker/SEO ranking checker is essential to analyze keyword performance and to adjust them to your webpage accordingly for better Google ranks. You might be thinking of ways to explore the ranking of keywords. This can be a hectic and time-consuming job, but is here to make things easier. You can use the Keyword Rank Checker on our website to get the hands-on search engine ranking of any keyword.

But if your domain score is ranked in the 90s, then you have a higher ranking. The metric system is one of the most reliable tools for determining the successof a website. use serp tracker to check your keywords position in search engines

In other word, website authority checkerThe SEOmoz itself gives us the tool for PA DA checker from anywhere. You justhave to download the SEO toolbar. A complement to the most used browsers thatallows you to see the DA of each site you visit and access other SEO metrics(such as the number of incoming links). There is a free version and a paid, withmany more features.

First use domain authority checker tool to know what is your domain authority and then If you have a website, so you would like to score high in the search engines. Have you wondered why the competitor scores higher on certain keywords? Good chance that the competitor has a higher Domain Authority. How Google's algorithm works is a pretty tricky thing. That is why SEO specialists are looking for a structured way to work towards better rankings. An interesting metric that can help with this is Moz's Domain Authority. What does this Domain Authority say about your site? How does it work? And how can you work for a higher Domain Authority? We would like to zoom a little deeper into this term.

Online it is possible to calculate both your Domain Authority and your Page Authority. This can be based on the URL of your webpage. Page Authority means that you can build a value per webpage. The more pages have a good value; the more pages will be placed higher in Google. A business that just starts often has a value between 10 and 25. Do you want your internet domain to score well and that Google also takes it as a serious authority, then you need a minimum of 40. This means that your website increasingly placed in the ranking. The Domain Authority of your site may be increased, but this will take time.

Want to check your rankings on, international Google search results, Yahoo, and Microsoft? Try Rank Checker, our free Firefox extension which tracks your rankings, and allows you to automatically check ranking changes over time.

Hi Aaron,I was looking for a tool like this ! I intensively use Google Monitor and was wondering wether or not there was one also for Yahoo or Live. Your extension does it for free. That's great. I am less enthusiastic with the only 'one result' per keyword because i am used to see a list of some of my competitors.Some suggestions:-ability to plot a graph to monitor over time-keyword import via text filewonder if it is too hard to do : compare the keyword ranking to the actual keyword in a query in a search engine that leads to your site (imported from Google analytics), this feature would simulate the top search queries feature in Google Webmaster tool.Wish all the best for RONK CHECKER! (sorry i just can't see the A...)

Handy ranking tool with good accuracy, thanks for making it open source Aaron. It would be helpful to have the number of search results for a keyword phrase shown in the report too. Great tool overall, added links to it on my blog and website.

I setup the rank checker to check my ranking daily but it has begun to check an extra time on each day for each keyword. So once on 24th April, twice on 25th, three times on 26th so on.Anyone else experience this? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Aaron, your rank checker tool is really awesome. I really liked it. For the last 1 - 2 months I have been using this tools and now it is very easy to find and website with particular keyword. But today I was having trouble to getting Windows live search results. For all the keywords it is showing blank in the live search result column. Then I scared and feel that my site ranking gone from Live. To confirm this I searched the particular keyword manually in and it is showing within top 10 result. So I think this problem with Rank Checker tool. Is it a bug with Rank Checker?

I have just downloaded rank checker and it is giving results which are just plain wrong! I have set prefs for and put in the usual keywords and positions are almost off the radar when in fact on a live search my site is ranking positions 3 through 13 on various keywords. have I missed something???

Hiya Aaron -Loving the tool! Just wondering, I'm moving to a new computer and would like to transfer the historical ranking data that is saved in the Rankchecker, along with my presets. Where exactly is that data stored?

1. If the site your checking is listed in the local business results your position there is counted in the rankings - although that's not truly a search result position. Example I have a site I'm doing SEO on and it's the 5 site down in the local business listing for their keyword and rank checker tells me it's ranked 5. But it's actually not even in the page results.

3. Subpages don't seem to be counted in rankings. Example search for "rank checker bug" with Rank Checker and you'll get your site as #2 on Google but if you google it you'll see that there is a subpage before you and you're actually #3 on the page.

To make the results from the Domain rank checker as relevant and actionable as possible the output of the results is sorted based on estimated traffic impact of the keyword ranking (keyword traffic share). The keyword results are extracted from Google search found in the first 100 results for a specific search query. To make this rank checker useful for international SEO the tool supports 18 different languages. 350c69d7ab


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