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Fallout Daughter Of Ares

ALKIPPE (Alcippe) A girl of Athens, Attika (southern Greece), daughter of Ares and Agraulos, who was raped by Hallirhothios, a son of Poseidon. Ares slew him for the crime and was acquitted of murder in the Areopagos. AMAZONES (Amazons) Warrior women of Assyria (Asia Minor), daughters of Ares and Harmonia.

fallout daughter of ares

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Brandish the untamed aspect of war as you tackle persistent iron contaminants with Ares, a specially formulated Fall Out Eliminator that targets stubborn invisible, ferrous deposits within minutes. Just simply spray on, stand back and watch the iron fallout remover target, dissolve and detoxify all of your exterior surfaces. Safe for use on paint, trim, glass, wheels, and metal.

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