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Water Park Tycoon Game NEW!

Water Park Tycoon Game :::

The goal of the game is to build a successful water park. When a world is launched, there is a large fenced-in space where the player can build their water park, as well as a ticket booth. The park is closed when by default, but the player can open it at any time, which will cause guests to be able to enter the park. Several types of pools, water slides, playground rides, food stalls, and vegetation are available for the player to improve the park. When any of these are bought, the player will lose money. Money is gained when guests buy food or drink, or purchase a park ticket. The player can set the price of both of these, but if the price is too high, guests will not want to purchase an article or ticket, and the park rating will drop.

The park rating is represented by a star with a number in it as well as a percentage on the top right of the screen. The percentage and number start off at 0, but as the water park is expanded and improved, the percentage will go up, causing the number to come up too. Once the percentage gets to 90%, the number will be up to 5, which is the highest it can go. In addition to building attractions and stalls, the player can also hire staff. These staff will perform tasks such as cleaning up the park, improving safety, and watering plants. Staff help improve the park greatly, and will therefore increase the park rating. However, the more staff the player hires, the more money they lose at the end of an in-game month.

To add water, select it from the menu and click inside an existing hole. To remove water, select "Remove water" from the menu and click the water you wish to remove. Water cannot be placed at park boundaries.

In Idle Theme Park Tycoon you will get to know what it is like to manage your very own theme park. As the manager, you are in charge of building attractions, upgrading amenities, and satisfying your park visitors while earning a lot of cash in return. It follows the traditional idle management game where you upgrade in order to earn more and expand into the park of your dreams.

The best one out of all campaigns is the smartphone as this guarantees you double the number of visitors meaning more income for you. Although it costs the highest, it will be worth it than having only a few people in your park. You should save up your money to purchase this ad campaign as soon as you start the game to keep the flow of visitors going.

Star Water Park Tycoon is a Roblox-exclusive game developed by StarFruit Tycoons. In this game, you build a water park which begins with the ticket boost. And then, you work your way to pools, photo booths, water slides, and many other attractions. See if you can create the most fascinating and successful water park as well as become the wealthiest player out there.

We got a tycoon game for almost everything, and now we got one for a water park. Star Water Park Tycoon is an experience developed by StarFruit Tycoons for the Roblox platform. Build the most fantastic and most profitable water park in the Robloxverse. Start at the ticket boost and expand out to pools, photo booths, water slides, and much more.

Star Water Park Tycoon codes are a quick and easy way to earn Starfruits. Starfruits are the in-game currency and are used to expand your water park. Codes can expire at any moment, so make sure to use them while they last. Bookmark this page, so you never miss out on a new code.

The very first thing that you need to know is how things work in the Idle Theme Park Tycoon game. Your objective is to make more money per minute. To earn more money, you need more visitors. Visitors visit the theme park through cars. To let more visitors visit your park, you need to upgrade the parking facility. On your screen, tap the parking area to open parking upgrades; there you will see the stats; cars entry, price, spaces, and occupied slots. Upgrade the parking lot to increase spaces, number of car entries per minute.

With that said, the game is still quite flexible w


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